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X-Soft Tool v2.2: The Ultimate Qualcomm Unlock Tool for Oppo, Vivo, Huawei and More

Qualcomm Unlock Tool Download: How to Unlock Your Qualcomm Device Easily

If you have a device that is powered by a Qualcomm chipset, you might want to unlock it for various reasons. Maybe you want to switch to a different network carrier, or you want to install a custom ROM, or you want to remove the FRP lock, or you just forgot your screen lock password. Whatever the reason, you need a tool that can help you unlock your device without any hassle.

One such tool is the Qualcomm Unlock Tool, which is a powerful and versatile tool that can perform various unlocking functions on your Qualcomm device. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this tool, including its features, benefits, risks, download link, installation steps, usage steps, troubleshooting tips, and alternatives. By the end of this article, you will be able to unlock your Qualcomm device easily and safely.

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What is Qualcomm Unlock Tool?

Qualcomm Unlock Tool is a software application that can unlock various mobile devices from different brands that are powered by Qualcomm chipsets. It supports a wide range of functions, such as:

  • Remove FRP lock

  • Remove user lock

  • Remove pattern lock

  • Remove PIN lock

  • Remove password lock

  • Factory reset

  • Unlock bootloader

  • Backup/restore IMEI

  • Read/write flash

  • Read/write boot/VBmeta

  • Read/write pattern

  • IMEI repair

  • And more...

The tool works with various models of devices from brands like Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, BenQ, Siemens, O2, Sanyo, and more. It is compatible with Windows operating systems and requires a USB cable to connect your device to your computer.

Features of Qualcomm Unlock Tool

Some of the main features of Qualcomm Unlock Tool are:

  • Versatile: The tool can perform multiple functions on your device, making it an all-purpose tool for unlocking.

  • User-friendly: The tool has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use even for beginners.

  • Fast: The tool can unlock your device in a matter of minutes, saving you time and hassle.

  • Safe: The tool does not damage your device or cause any data loss while unlocking.

  • Free: The tool is free to download and use without any limitations or restrictions.

  • Offline: The tool does not require an internet connection or any credits or logs to work.

  • Support: The tool comes with dedicated support area and free updates for 12 months.

Benefits of Qualcomm Unlock Tool

Some of the benefits of using Qualcomm Unlock Tool are:

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  • Flexibility: You can unlock your device from any network carrier or region, giving you more freedom and choice.

  • Customization: You can install any custom ROM or firmware on your device, giving you more control and personalization.

  • Performance: You can improve the speed and efficiency of your device by removing the bloatware and unwanted apps.

  • Security: You can bypass the FRP lock or the screen lock if you forgot your Google account or password, giving you access to your device again.

  • Value: You can increase the resale value of your device by unlocking it, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Risks of Qualcomm Unlock Tool

Some of the risks of using Qualcomm Unlock Tool are:

  • Warranty: You may void the warranty of your device by unlocking it, making it ineligible for any official service or repair.

  • Compatibility: You may encounter some compatibility issues with some network carriers or regions after unlocking your device, making it unable to receive calls or data.

  • Stability: You may experience some bugs or glitches on your device after unlocking it, making it unstable or unreliable.

  • Data loss: You may lose some data or settings on your device after unlocking it, making it necessary to backup your data before using the tool.

  • Bricking: You may brick your device by using the wrong tool or method, making it unusable or irreparable.

Therefore, you should use Qualcomm Unlock Tool at your own risk and responsibility, and follow the instructions carefully and correctly.

How to Download and Install Qualcomm Unlock Tool?

If you want to use Qualcomm Unlock Tool to unlock your device, you need to download and install it on your computer first. Here are the steps to do so:

Download Link for Qualcomm Unlock Tool

You can download Qualcomm Unlock Tool from this link: . This is a direct and official link from the developer's website. The file size is about 50 MB and the file format is ZIP. You need to extract the ZIP file after downloading it.

Installation Steps for Qualcomm Unlock Tool

You do not need to install Qualcomm Unlock Tool on your computer, as it is a portable application. You just need to run the executable file after extracting the ZIP file. Here are the steps to run Qualcomm Unlock Tool:

  • Extract the ZIP file to a folder on your computer.

  • Open the folder and double-click on the file named Qualcomm_Unlock_Tool.exe.

  • A window will pop up asking for permission. Click on Yes.

  • The tool will launch and show its main interface.

  • You have successfully run Qualcomm Unlock Tool on your computer.

Note: You may need to disable your antivirus or firewall software before running Qualcomm Unlock Tool, as they may block or interfere with the tool's operation.

How to Use Qualcomm Unlock Tool to Unlock Your Device?

Now that you have downloaded and run Qualcomm Unlock Tool on your computer, you can use it to unlock your device. Here are the steps to do so:

Supported Devices and Models by Qualcomm Unlock Tool

Qualcomm Unlock Tool supports a wide range of devices and models from various brands that are powered by Qualcomm chipsets. Here is a table that shows some of the supported devices and models by Qualcomm Unlock Tool:




A37F, A37FW, A51F, A51W, F1S, F1F, F1FW, F1W, F3 Plus, F5 Youth, F7 Youth, R9S Plus, R11S Plus, R15 Pro, Reno 2F, Reno 2Z, Reno 4 Pro 5G


V5 Plus, V7 Plus, V9 Youth, V11 Pro, V15 Pro, V17 Pro, V19 Neo, V20 SE, Y51L, Y53L, Y55L, Y65L, Y66L, Y69L, Y71L


Honor 4C Pro (TIT-L01), Honor 4X (Che2-L11), Honor 5A (CAM-L21), Honor 6X (BLN-L21), Honor 7X (BND-L21), Honor 8 Lite (PRA-LA1), Honor 8X (JSN-L21), Honor 9 Lite (LLD-L21), Honor 10 Lite (HRY-LX1), Honor 20 Lite (HRY-LX1T), Mate 10 Lite (RNE-L21), Mate 20 Lite (SNE-LX1), Nova 2i (RNE-L22), Nova 3i (INE-LX2), P Smart (FIG-LX1), P Smart Z (STK-LX1), P20 Lite (ANE-LX1), P30 Lite (MAR-LX1A)


Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 5, Redmi Note 5 Pro, Redmi Note 6 Pro, Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 7 Pro, Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 9 Pro, Redmi Note 9S, Redmi Note 10, Redmi Note 10 Pro, Mi A1, Mi A2, Mi A3, Mi Max, Mi Max 2, Mi Max 3, Mi Mix, Mi Mix 2, Mi Mix 2S, Mi Mix 3, Mi Mix 4


G4 H810/H811/H812/H815/H818/H819/LS991/US991/VS986/F500L/F500S/F500K/G4 Dual H818P/H818N/G4 Beat H735L/H735T/G4 Stylus H540/H540F/H540T/H542/G4s H736/H736P/G5 H850/H858/US992/LS992/H830/RS988/F700L/F700S/F700K/G5 SE H840/H845/G6 H870/US997/LS993/VS998/H870DS/G6+ H870DSU/V10 H960A/F600L/F600S/F600K/V10 Dual H962/V20 H990/H990DS/US996/LS997/VS995/F800L/F800S/F800K/V30 H930/H930G/H931/US998/AS998/LS998U/VS996/V30+ H930DS/V30+ Dual H930K/V35 ThinQ V350AWM/V350ULM/V40 ThinQ V405EBW/V405TA/V405UA






XDA Atom/XDA Atom Exec/XDA Atom Life/XDA Atom Pure/XDA Flame/XDA II/XDA IIi/XDA IIs/XDA III/XDA IQ/XDA Mini/XDA Mini S/XDA Neo/XDA Orbit/XDA Orbit II/XDA Phone/XDA Stealth/XDA Stellar/XDA Trion/XDA Zinc



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