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Comanche [NEW] Download PC Game

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Comanche Download PC Game

But in this imagined, virtual battlefield, you and your Comanche reign supreme. The graphic sprites now seem pretty crude and chunky by modern standards. The MIDI music is now dated too. However, the smoothness of the terrain rendering, using the Voxel Space engine, makes all those criticisms disappear. The sound effects themselves are impressive for the DOS Sound-Blaster era. The controls are simple and responsive regardless of your choice of keyboard or joystick. The gameplay features nearly arcade-level simplicity in battle combined with a need for careful thought to determine the best approach for each mission.

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

1995, the year Comanche 2 was released on DOS. Made by NovaLogic, Inc. and published by NovaLogic, Inc., Ubi Soft Entertainment Software, this action and simulation game is available for free on this page.

Comanche: Maximum Overkill is the first game of a series of flight sims created by NovaLogic. Published in 1992 for DOS only, the main feature is the usage of the NovaLogic's Voxel engine, capable of detailed and realistic graphics, much better than the vector graphics used by other games at that time. The player is a the pilot of a RAH-66 Comanche attack helicopter.

The best-selling Comanche series returns with this fast-paced action game that places you at the controls of a Comanche RAH-66 helicopter. In 6 single player campaigns and multiplayer, the game combines serious firepower with effortless controls and stunning, interactive terrain.

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The minimum memory requirement for Comanche is 8 GB of RAM installed in your computer. If possible, make sure your have 16 GB of RAM in order to run Comanche to its full potential. You will need at least 35 GB of free disk space to install Comanche. Provided that you have at least an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 graphics card you can play the game. Furthermore, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 is recommended in order to run Comanche with the highest settings. An Intel Core i5-7200U CPU is required at a minimum to run Comanche. However, the developers recommend a CPU greater or equal to an Intel Core i7-7700 to play the game.

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It is a good combination of two simulation games which involves very good action. The two games which have been gelled together but will be played in the individual capacity are Werewolf and Comanche. The upgrades that they have been made with the games have enabled them to achieve a very detailed terrain with it and have brought a good flair of attraction to the gameplay. A variety of some other good features has been added to the gameplay by introducing new features and weapons and by introducing a very good UI. This time you have the option to land and reload your helicopter and the weapons have also been increased to make the gameplay more destructive. The game also has a very good multiplayers mode which you can use thorough both the the modem or the IPX network. Through the two disks, you have the feature of competing against your buddy without even having to purchase the other game. This feature is quite wonderful because if you are having one of the two games and your friend is having the other one, you can still have an online competition with each other. The graphics in the game are quite decent and the music it has is a catchy one. I also love the original Comanche game which is a fine simulation.

Werewolf vs Comanche 2.0 is a helicopter simulation of the Boeing/Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche and its arch rival, the Kamov KA-50 Hokum. It was made by Novalogic in 1995, this game is actually two independent games, called Comanche 2 and Werewolf. NovaLogic decided to ship them together. It was a good move. Unfortunately, Novalogic has done little to improve their VoxelSpace technology used to render low resolution but highly detailed terrain. Because of this, the game is virtually the same with only a few changes from its predecessor, Comanche: Maximum Overkill. But this time, in some missions, you can land and reload your ammo.This game supports multiplayer play over a modem or IPX network. With the two disks, you will be able to fly against a friend without having to purchase another copy of the game. This is wonderful concept because if you had Comanche 2.0 and your friend had Werewolf, you'll still be able to play online together.

Looking for a helicopter combat simulation that rocks? Then pick up Comanche Gold, a Novalogic release with amazing graphics, superb sound, and exciting action. It is the perfect mix of flight simulation and combat action in one game. Whether you go solo or play against others online, Comanche Gold will amaze you.

The folks at Novalogic really put together a superb product with Comanche Gold. Contemporary helicopter games like Apache Havoc: Enemy Engaged focused far too much on flight simulation, and not enough on combat. This is not the case with Comanche Gold.

Don't get me wrong. Comanche Gold is not an easy game. It is very challenging. It's the kind of game that will take you to the point of frustration but will not take you past it. I strongly recommend that you fly all of the training missions, before you hit the silver and gold missions. The controls do take some time to get used to, and it's better to practice them in controlled situations rather than get shot down while trying to figure them out.

With dozens of missions available in the game, Comanche Gold has a great deal of replay value. Its mission editor makes that value even greater. Taking on other chopper pilots in multiplayer action makes it greater still. If you invest money in Comanche Gold, you will probably not be disappointed.

Overall, Comanche Gold is a terrific combat flight simulator. It is probably the best helicopter game released in 1999. If you are looking for realistic flying coupled with realistic combat, then pick up Comanche Gold. It rocks.

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Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum, also known as simply Enemy Engaged or abbreviated EECH, is an attack helicopter combat flight simulator video game developed by Razorworks and released by Empire Interactive for Windows and macOS in 2000.

The game was a follow-up to Enemy Engaged: Apache vs Havoc, and interconnectable with it. A Mac OS X version of the game was developed by Zonic Limited and published by Feral Interactive in November 2002.[1]

The source code was released around 2003[2] under an owned license.[3] This resulted then in a heavily modified game by the game's community who continued the support.[4] In 2009 the game was re-released as digital distribution on

The PC version received "favorable" reviews according to the review aggregation website Metacritic.[6] Doug Trueman of NextGen said of the game, "For those who love hyper-realistic simulations, they don't get much more hyper-realistic than this."[15] 041b061a72


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