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DriveLock Agent: The Ultimate Guide for Administrators and Users

What is DriveLock Agent and Why You Need It

DriveLock Agent is a lightweight software solution that helps you secure your endpoints and IT systems from unauthorized access, data leakage, malware, ransomware, and other threats. It is part of the DriveLock Zero Trust Platform, a cloud-based endpoint security solution that follows the zero trust model, which requires verification of every access request.

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DriveLock Agent is installed on every managed workstation and applies granular policies to control access to devices, drives, files, or applications. It also distributes encryption settings and provides security awareness campaigns to educate users on best practices. DriveLock Agent works both online and offline, ensuring continuous protection even when the endpoint is not connected to the network.

If you want to protect your data throughout its lifecycle and across your endpoints, you need DriveLock Agent. It offers next-generation data protection that is easy, efficient, compliant, precise, and made in Germany.

DriveLock Agent Features

DriveLock Agent offers various security features that can be configured and managed via the DriveLock Operations Center (DOC), a web-based dashboard that allows you to monitor and control your endpoints. Here are some of the main features of DriveLock Agent:

Device and Application Control

DriveLock Agent lets you control the use of removable devices, such as USB drives, CD-ROMs, Bluetooth transmitters, cameras, smartphones, media devices, and many more. You can define whitelist rules based on device type, hardware ID, manufacturer, model, serial number, or user group. You can also unlock specific authorized media and define time limits or computers for whitelist rules. This way, you can prevent unauthorized data transfer or malware infection via removable devices.

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DriveLock Agent also lets you control the execution of applications on your endpoints. You can block or allow applications based on their name, path, hash value, publisher certificate, or user group. You can also use application categories or reputation scores to simplify the management of application rules. This way, you can prevent unauthorized or malicious applications from running on your endpoints.

BitLocker Management

DriveLock Agent lets you manage BitLocker encryption on your endpoints. BitLocker is a built-in feature of Windows that encrypts the entire drive to protect data from unauthorized access. DriveLock Agent enhances BitLocker management by providing centralized configuration, deployment, monitoring, recovery, and reporting. You can define encryption policies based on user group, computer name, operating system version, or drive type. You can also automate encryption tasks and backup recovery keys to a secure database. This way, you can ensure consistent and compliant encryption across your endpoints.

Security Awareness

DriveLock Agent lets you provide security awareness campaigns to your users. Security awareness is the knowledge and behavior that users need to protect themselves and the organization from cyber threats. DriveLock Agent delivers security awareness content via pop-up messages or videos that educate users on topics such as phishing, password security, social engineering, ransomware, etc. You can customize the content, frequency, duration, and target group of the campaigns. You can also track the progress and effectiveness of the campaigns via reports and statistics. This way, you can increase the security awareness and culture of your organization.

DriveLock Agent Benefits

DriveLock Agent offers many benefits for your organization. Here are some of them:

Easy and Immediate Deployment

DriveLock Agent is easy to deploy and use. You can install it on your endpoints in minutes using existing software deployment mechanisms or by using the web installer provided by DriveLock. You can also configure and manage it via the web -based DOC, which is intuitive and user-friendly. You can also leverage the cloud-based DriveLock Zero Trust Platform, which offers additional security features and services. You can start protecting your endpoints and data immediately with DriveLock Agent.

Efficient and Economical Solution

DriveLock Agent is an efficient and economical solution for endpoint security. It is a lightweight software that does not consume much resources or affect the performance of your endpoints. It also works offline, so you do not need to worry about network connectivity or bandwidth issues. DriveLock Agent is also a cost-effective solution that offers flexible pricing plans based on your needs and budget. You can choose the basic plan that covers the core features of DriveLock Agent, or you can contact the vendor for a customized plan that suits your specific requirements and preferences.

Compliant and Policy-Based Protection

DriveLock Agent is a compliant and policy-based protection solution for endpoint security. It helps you comply with various regulations and standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, etc. It also helps you enforce your own security policies and best practices across your organization. You can define granular rules and settings for device and application control, BitLocker management, security awareness, and other features. You can also monitor and audit the activities and events on your endpoints via logs and reports. This way, you can ensure compliance and accountability for your endpoint security.

Precise Security Management

DriveLock Agent is a precise security management solution for endpoint security. It allows you to manage your endpoints with high accuracy and flexibility. You can assign different policies and settings to different user groups, computers, devices, applications, or scenarios. You can also use dynamic variables or conditions to fine-tune your rules and settings. You can also update or change your policies and settings anytime via the DOC or the cloud platform. This way, you can achieve precise security management for your endpoints.

Maximum Data Protection Made in Germany

DriveLock Agent is a maximum data protection solution made in Germany. It offers next-generation data protection that is based on the zero trust model, which assumes that no one and nothing can be trusted by default. It also offers strong encryption that secures your data at rest and in transit. DriveLock Agent is developed and supported by DriveLock SE, a German company that has over 20 years of experience in endpoint security. DriveLock SE follows the strict German data protection laws and standards, which are among the highest in the world. This way, you can trust DriveLock Agent to provide maximum data protection for your endpoints.

DriveLock Agent Pricing

DriveLock Agent offers two pricing plans for its customers:

Basic Plan

The basic plan covers the core features of DriveLock Agent, such as device and application control, BitLocker management, security awareness, etc. The basic plan costs $2 per endpoint per month.

Contact Vendor for Customized Plan

If you want more features or services from DriveLock Agent, you can contact the vendor for a customized plan that meets your specific needs and preferences. The vendor will provide you with a quote based on your requirements.

DriveLock Agent Installation

DriveLock Agent installation is simple and straightforward. Here are some of the steps and methods for installing DriveLock Agent on your endpoints:

System Requirements and Supported Platforms

Before installing DriveLock Agent, you need to make sure that your endpoints meet the minimum system requirements for running DriveLock Agent. Here are some of the system requirements for DriveLock Agent:

Operating SystemMinimum RAMMinimum Disk Space

Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)1 GB100


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