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Guide To Play Handicap 1/4 Bet in Football Betting

Handicap 1/4 is a term that makes any bettor nod their head. Why is that? Is this type of bet really difficult to play? If you want to know the answer, read this article right now. Because only by reading it can you fully understand in detail.

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So, what is Handicap 1/4?

Handicap 1/4 is a type of betting odds between 2 football teams. This type of bet is also known as the half-left handicap, the level ball handicap, Handicap bet, or most commonly known as the Asian Handicap.

From the start, Handicap 1/4 has been considered quite challenging to play. However, its payout ratio is larger and much easier to calculate compared to the 3/4 Handicap, so players still trust and use it.

For the handicap bet, we have only two ways to place bets: the left-handicap bet or the money handicap bet. If players use the money handicap ratio, the betting amount of the bet will be extended. If the difference with the lower bet is too large, the bet will then switch to the left-handicap. The reason for this change is to balance the betting money ratio for the match. Handicap 1/4 is an example of a left-handicap bet that players are using.

How to read the 1/4 Handicap

There are 2 ways to read the 1/4 Handicap that we mention:

Reading the 1/4 Handicap based on the level ball handicap

For the 1/4 Handicap – the level ball handicap when playing, the players can see its result divided into 3 cases:

Case 1: Players bet on the upper team and this team wins, then the winning amount will entirely belong to these players.

Case 2: In this case, players bet on the lower team, and if the lower team wins, those who bet on this side will receive the entire amount from the upper team's bet.

Case 3: In the event of a draw between the two teams, half of the upper team's bet will belong to those who bet on the lower team.

Reading the 1/4 Handicap according to the over/under bet

For this bet, we also divide it into 3 cases:

Case 1: If the total number of goals scored by both teams is only 1, the players who bet on the over will lose 50% of their bet amount. Similarly, the person who chooses under will receive the amount that the over bettor loses.

Case 2: When both teams score a total of more than 2 goals, at this point, the player who placed the over bet will lose their entire bet amount, while the under bettor will receive the entire bet amount.

Case 3: If neither team scores any goals, then the under bettor will be deemed the winner and receive the entire bet amount.

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Fastest Winning Strategy for 1/4 Handicap Bet

To efficiently play the 1/4 handicap bet, players need to apply the following strategies:

Choosing the home team for placing the bet

Prioritizing placing bets on the home team in the 1/4 handicap bet is common because it reduces the chances of losing for everyone and simultaneously increases the probability of winning significantly. However, it's crucial to note that the odds set by the bookmakers are not absolute, so players should think carefully before placing their bets. Otherwise, the results may not align with their expectations.

This is because both the home and away teams are subject to numerous external factors that cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy. Therefore, all players need to be alert and astute.

Selecting a team with good attacking abilities

If a team has a strong attacking lineup, it implies a higher likelihood of their victory. Their game strategy and aggressive, precise attacking techniques against opponents make scoring goals highly probable. Hence, players engaging in 1/4 handicap bets can confidently place their bets on such teams.

Choosing bets in the final moments

While placing bets in the final moments might not be entirely secure, it can yield a 100% chance of winning. Therefore, players who enjoy taking risks can opt for this betting method to secure their wins.

Accurate match information is crucial

Before placing a 1/4 handicap bet, players should gather accurate information about the match, including:

Lineups of both teams and recent performance of individual players

Current coach of the team and their tactics

Positions of the two teams in the league standings

Previous encounters between the teams and the outcomes

Based on such information, players can choose the most suitable odds to win significant amounts from the bookmakers.

Checking the bookmaker's odds before placing bets

For any handicap bet, including 1/4 handicap bets, bookmakers provide suitable odds before each match for reference. These odds are determined through extensive analysis by the bookmakers, hence players can trust them.

When a strong team plays away, and the handicap odds range from 1/2 to 1, players can place bets on the underdog.

If the Asian handicap odds rise to 1/4 while the European handicap tends towards a draw, players should bet on the home team.

If the European handicap remains constant while the Asian handicap decreases, players should choose the away team.

Players should continue selecting the away team when the Asian handicap odds equal the 1/4 odds.

Maintaining composure at all times

Bookmakers often change 1/4 handicap and other bets, especially during critical match periods. Therefore, when placing 1/4 handicap bets, players need to be extremely attentive, constantly monitoring and updating information from the bookmakers.

Specific example of a 1/4 handicap bet

In a match between two teams, labeled C and U, where C is on the upper handicap and U on the lower handicap, the odds for the upper handicap are 0.97, and for the lower handicap, they are 0.92.

When betting on team C, there are three potential outcomes:

If the match ends in a draw, the player loses half the stake.

If team C loses to team U, the player loses the entire bet amount.

Finally, if C wins against U, the player receives a payout at odds of 0.97.

Similarly, when betting on team U, there are three potential outcomes, but in the final case, if U wins, the payout for the player betting on U is at odds of 0.92.

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With this article, you should now understand what a 1/4 handicap bet is and how to play it for increased chances of winning. Transform this knowledge into your own strategies and apply it in matches to become a successful bettor at your chosen bookmakers.


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