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Forced Lesbian Bondage UPDATED

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forced lesbian bondage

Increase efforts to investigate and prosecute trafficking offenses, and convict and sentence traffickers, including those engaged in internal sex trafficking not involving movement, and complicit officials; in partnership with civil society, increase funding for specialized services and shelters for victims of sex trafficking and forced labor; vigorously investigate, prosecute, and sentence those who engage in the prostitution of children, including in child sex tourism; amend legislation to harmonize the definition of trafficking with the 2000 UN TIP Protocol and establish sufficiently stringent sentences for traffickers; verify through ongoing oversight that victims of both sex and labor trafficking are referred to comprehensive services and that officials working at social service centers have funding and training to provide specialized care, such as employment assistance; increase oversight of local guardianship councils so child trafficking victims receive specialized services and case management; enhance timely data collection on prosecutions, convictions, and victim identification and care; increase staff dedicated to proactively identifying victims of sex trafficking and domestic servitude; fund the replication of the Mato Grosso job training program for freed laborers in other states; and increase collaboration between government entities involved in combating different forms of trafficking.

Staging a much-needed conversation between two often-segregated fields, this issue addresses the promising future of queer and area studies as collaborative formations. Within queer studies, the turn to geopolitics has challenged the field's logics of time, space, and culture, which have routinely been rooted in the United States. For area studies, the focus on diaspora, forced migration, and other transnational trajectories has unmoored the geopolitical from the stability of nations as organizing concepts. The contributors to this issue seek to imagine and broker conversations between the two fields in which "area" becomes the form through which epistemologies of empire and market are critiqued. Histories of debt bondage; sexuality, and indentured labor; Afro-pessimism in African studies; trans theater facing obdurate transits; religion and the politics of Dalit modernity; the biopolitics of maiming: these are some of the conduits through which the authors approach a queer geopolitics.

Gays in Heaven? Absolutely!By Pastor Jim KriesAs far as we know from the Scriptures, Jesus said nothing about gays and lesbians. He did speak against those who judge others [Matthew 7:1]. He seems to have a special love for the outcasts of society. 041b061a72


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