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Where To Buy A Black Button Down Shirt

This shirt is well constructed, with buttons that are easy to fasten. And the design allows for micro sleeve adjustments, thanks to the two buttons on the wrists. Another nice touch: two replacement buttons sewn inside the bottom of the placket.

where to buy a black button down shirt

The Club Monaco comes in XS to XXL, or 35 inches to 47 inches across the chest and 32 inches to 38 inches in the sleeve. (Though we saw an XXS during testing, stock fluctuates.) Some linen shirts we saw needed to be hand-washed, but this one is machine-washable and can tolerate the dryer, which helps cut down on wrinkles. In our tests, it shrank only half an inch in both body and sleeve length.

I started by researching hundreds of button-up shirts. And, based on specs and user reviews, I narrowed the field to 29 highly rated models: 12 dress shirts, nine Oxfords, and eight linen shirts. For this piece, we focused on button-up shirts marketed to men, though these styles can be worn by people of any gender. Kimber Streams, a senior staff writer who is non-binary, enhanced the scope and feel of this guide with their participation. Unlike shirts marketed to women, the shirts in this guide have straight seams, with minimal tapering at the hip and similar measurements at the chest and waist.

Sizing: Many button-up shirts cap out at XXL, so it was difficult to ding any particular brand for that sort of limited range. Still, we looked for shirts that offered an even wider variety of sizes. To check for shrinkage, I measured the sleeve and body length of each shirt, and then washed and dried it according to its care label. Then I measured again to calculate the difference.

Quality: I was looking for high-quality, well-constructed button-ups that would last for years. During my initial testing, I looked for shirts with even stitching at the seams, few to no loose threads, and well-built collars. In the dress shirt category, I looked for shirts with sturdy collar stays.

Though many people tend to use the terms button-up and button-down interchangeably, a button-down shirt refers to shirts with collars that button down at the corners, typically Oxford shirts. As such, dress shirts are not technically button-downs, though both dress shirts and Oxfords are button-ups (meaning they fasten at the center with buttons).

In this guide, we also recommend a linen shirt that has a distinctly airy look and feel, compared with shirts in the other two categories covered here. But it is also, in fact, a button-down because its collar is secured by buttons.

If your button-up shirt is worn out, you can textile recycle it, a process by which old clothes are recovered for reuse. A group called SMART (Secondary Materials And Recycled Textiles) offers a ton of information about how and where to recycle your clothes. When all else fails, turn your button-up shirt into a paint smock, or upcycle it in other fun ways.

We spent years of research and development to nail down what we feel is the PEFECT polo shirt as far as fitment, materials, and customizations. Each polo was well thought out with putting our customers in mind with unique designs that stand out and feel amazing. The materials of these are a perfect soft proprietary blend of materials that's stretchy, comfortable, breathable, and DO NOT WRINKLE OR SHRINK! Perfect for year round wear and you'll be the envy of everyone you run into asking you why you have such amazing taste in apparel. Just facts.

We specifically made our button downs to fit the same as our polo shirts and flannel shirts. We have sizing charts below, and also at the top of the page a \\\"Recommender\\\" where you can enter your specific fitment preferences and height for the most accurate recommendation. We still recommend checking our sizing charts for the true measurements for accuracy.

So you're asking what's the difference between ours and what's out there? Well, whats out there we've seen is just cheezy, or bogus fitments, and arent built to last - so first off ours are ACTUAL jackets. These are not a flimsy cheap \\\"overthrow\\\" flannel shirt/jacket. This is actual heavy-duty jacket that's built for on or off the road. It has nice soft silk liners in the arms, as well as a thermal custom RR stitching liner inside that matches the outside colors of the flannel. This jacket has been tested by our team and guaranteed to be something that'll last you a long time. With the heavy-duty snaps, buttons, YKK zippers (same stuff we use for our vests), and hidden snap collar buttons to keep your collar in place from the wind on the road. We've developed these to be a true fit, so if you like a looser fit, we recommend sizing up 1 size from these. These are limited, so once they're gone, they're gone forever for the pattern design.

- Inner of the jacket has a fully customized diamond stitch thermal liner with RR bolts stitched into it for a nice clean, custom look you cant get just anywhere so you'll stand out and stay warm. When custom liner is removed background is solid black silk.

Like the perfect white tee, the overall vibe of these button-down shirts is easygoing, and the outfit is often made up of pieces you already own (or have seriously considered adding to cart). And the colors! While the standard white button-down shirt isn't going anywhere, the latest incarnations are bright, bold, and in your face. And, if you settle on one with a wrinkle-resistant fabric, they're also great travel companions. From hot pinks to sweet lilacs and sunny oranges, shop the best button-down shirts for women below.

For those on the hunt for a snug-fitting button-down shirt, this Mango piece is for you. Its fine knit material hugs your body, making it easy to tuck into your favorite pair of jeans. For a looser fit, the brand recommends you size up.

Look to AYR for basics you'll want to live in, like this long-sleeve button-up shirt that's perfect for low-key lunch dates, trips to the farmers market, and debating the revival of preppy uniform dressing.

Would this gallery really be complete with a pinstripe shirt? It would not, which is why we pulled this minimalist dress shirt as a reminder that it can be worn with everything from straight-leg denim to black leggings. You're welcome.

Neck: Wrap measuring tape comfortably around the base of your neckChest: Wrap measuring tape measure around your chest, right under the armpits.Length: Measure from the base of the back of your neck to where you want the shirt to end. Remember to factor in extra length for tucking in!

"Does this come in black?" Why yes it does. Here because of popular request, the Teaveelution shirt is now available in black! This shirt features all nine Teaveelutions in their signature colors: Teavee, Vapideon, Jewelteon, Flaireon, Successpeon, Lump Sumbreon, Chiefeon, Glitzeon, and Spillveon.

This button up shirt is Regular Fit with no tapering from chest to waist for a unisex fit. It comes with a pattern-aligned breast pocket* and in a new flexible material that feels like 100% cotton with extra flex for comfort.

We were tired of the dry cleaners, so we decided to make a better button-down. Relying on the tried-and-true benefits of merino wool, we designed these shirts to be worn more and washed less. Our founder wore his for 100 days straight, just to prove the performance of merino (side note, you can earn a free shirt doing the same).

The fit and styles are a bit lacking for me. The collar height seemed a bit large in proportion on my button down. Both the slim or regular seemed like a compromise. Since these lean more casual for me, I would like slightly shorter length for wearing untucked. I would also like to see more solid colors and a full spread or cutaway collar style.

I bought a 210 Button-Down Shirt. Always hand-washed it with no soap and hung it to dry. Within months it developed fuzzy worn spots in the armpits. I exchanged it no questions asked and bought two 170 shirts. They lasted longer but now have similar fuzzy wear and mysterious holes in the arms lower down. It's not moths. Otherwise, I love the shirts and fit, just wish they would have held up better considering the price.

I'm glad to have found these wool shirts. Too bad I ordered a dark color and it shows my sweat stains almost in one day, which isn't the point of wool - the point is to not wash it as often as a synthetic option. It's a nice shirt though and the fit is great. I will order a lighter color to reduce stains and delays between washes. Even though I sweat a lot, the shirt never smells after. Moist wool always has a slight odor, but I don't find it too offensive. Happy these nice looking wool dress shirts exist. It feels tight in the shoulders, only when putting it on. As soon as the shirt is on, there is no restriction in range of motion with arms. The sleeves are a good length. I really dig the dark blue and green one I ordered, with the almost white buttons, its super sharp.

Made the old fashioned way on a vintage loom our collection of Selvedge Shirts are detailed with a classic button-down collar and utility chest pocket. Impeccably woven with Japanese selvedge oxford cloth for an exquisitely soft feel that's meant to get better with age.

I bought two for my boyfriend, one in black and one in light grey. The light grey shirt is incredibly versatile, and I think it looks better than the black - since the details and tailoring on the shirt shows up better on the grey. Both shirts are versatile and material has good heft but not too heavy. Great shirt to pack for travel - can be dressed up with a jacket and dressed down with shorts for a slight cool summer evening,

Great shirt. Nice weight and feels high quality. I def would not call this slim fit: It's not full/baggy at all but doesn't hug my body the way medium slim fit shirts normally do. The bottom hem seems to flair out slightly so be aware if you want to wear it primarily untucked as it can look a little weird. Hoping that diminishes once I've washed it. Not sure it feels special enough for the price tag but I guess time will tell if it lasts. A good wardrobe staple as you can dress it up or down. 041b061a72


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